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Misty Untouchable Hairstylist KuttinHeadZ THIERRY KOJO BAPTISTE LOC FAN PAGE Hair Iz My Passion Hair Studio Hot Stylz Barber & Beauty Shop & Huntown International Barber Salon will Be hitting the stage & runway for Classic Style: Hair, Fashion & Music this year, We Thank each one of these shops & salons for taking time to share their artistry with us !

Fashion Icon Oscar De La Renta succumbs to cancer

The fashion world lost a luminary on Monday, as worldwide fashion star Oscar de la Renta passed away at the age of 82.
The fashion icon had been battling cancer since 2006, when he was first diagnosed.

Oscar de la Renta, first being recognized for dressing former First Lady Jackie Kennedy before moving on to become a fixture on red carpets the world over. His designs have been worn by models, starlets, dignitaries, and more.

He was particularly popular among First Ladies of the United States. De la Renta provided inaugural gowns for Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush.

More recently, De la Renta designed the gown that Amal Clooney wore for one of the biggest celebrity weddings of the year, that of she and Hollywood star George Clooney.

Oscar offers that he is influenced by women as inspriation for the next seasons designs. One lover of his brand states "he knows just how to accent beauty". Oscar's clothers not only represented glamour, but also style, grace and class.

Oscar De La Renta not only set new presidence by becoming the first American named top designer at a french design house but also expanded his brand with perfume and an accessory line. Never hesitant to speak on his life both trials and triumphs alike Oscar De La Renta will forever be missed.

Remy Ma speaks to Wendy Williams about her release, new mixtape and Keyshia Cole dropping bands of support

Check out hip hop artist Remy Ma on Wendy Williams show, after doing 6 years in prison she's back and ready to get back to work. Remy has been the studio with Dj Khaled and dropped a new mixtape "I'm Around" while, also killing the cypher on the BET Hip Hop Awards with her husband NY rapper Papoose. Remy speaks on her stint,the first thing she did upon coming home and also reuniting with her now teenage son again. Follow her @therealremyma and stay tuned for upcoming releases and her cover interview with Sister2Sister Magazine.

Comedy Spotlight: Leah McBride

Indy Star Network shines a light on comedians that were made for the stage consistently honing their craft. This edition features Leah McBride from Cinncinnatti, OH available for standup and hosting by contacting her on

Hoosier Trail Rides: Review

I had the joy of scratching horseback riding off of my bucket list yesterday at Hoosier Trail Rides. I have always anticipated galloping on a black stallion with my hair blowing in the

My horse's name was Roy of whom I was quite nervous of at first but we got along just fine. Along the trail the instructor told me to kick him on the sides because he was starting to slow down, so I did and he took off, I was like whoa!! She then instructed me to pull the reigns to slow him down, I though hey I could get the hang of this.

We strolled through a few creeks and up and down a few heels, the experience was everything and more than I had anticipated and actually quite therapeutic.

Check out to view information on horseback rides, pony rides and also hayrides for the season.