2014 Indy Urban Music Award Winners

Indy Urban Music Award Winners

Best Male Rap-Lil E
Best Female Rap-G.I Jane
Best Female R&B-Leea' Ro
Best Male R&B- D. Golder
Best Photographer- Mike Patton
Best Videographer-Ill Hd
Best Beautician-Misty Untouchable
Best Barber-Team Barber Indiana
Rookie Of The Year-Isotol
Dj Of The Year-Dj Don Don
Producer Of The Year-Playbwoi
Peoples Choice Award-Lil B
Best Entrepreneur-Victory Clothing
Best Group/Label-Box Money Ent.

Indy Urban Music Awards Celebrity Game/Award Show

Indy Urban Music Awards Show

For ticket information contact (317) 538-1533
Log on to www.IndyUrbanMusicAwards.com to cast your vote.

14 Ways to make money off 1 song

  1. If you remix it and take the lyrics away, it’s now an instrumental version that can be licensed to film and TV.
  2. If you re-record it live, you can release that version as a live single.
  3. If you re-record it acoustically, it can now be sold as the unplugged version.
  4. If you sing it in another language, it is now a translation suitable for new markets.
  5. If you remix it with a guest DJ, it can now be the electronic dance version.
  6. If you compile it with six or 10 other songs, it can become part of an album or compilation.
  7. If you offer the recorded stems to your individual track, it can be an "interactive product" where fans can create new mixes and share them with each other.
  8. If you allow the song to be experienced (heard, critiqued) in real-time during the writing and production phase, it can be an exclusive content perk to paying fan club members.
  9. If you take the words from the song's chorus and place them on T-shirts and hats, it becomes a cool piece of merch.
  10. If you create a video of the song being performed and/or acted out, it can be part of a DVD collection of video singles with other songs and/or used as a tool to generate advertising revenue on video sites.
  11. If you film yourself while writing and recording the song, it can be part of your "making of" video.
  12. If you transcribe the music into printed form, it can be a piece of sheet music.
  13. If you keep the broken drumsticks, skins, picks, and other tools that were used during the recording of the song, they can be sold as collectors’ items.
  14. If you pile a number of the items discussed above into a classy box, it can be a cool limited box set that your fans might find as a great value and must-have item.
by Bobby Borg author of Music Marketing for the DIY Musician

Casting Call: Meet The Artist Fashion Show 2015 TODAY

Would you like a chance to show your talent as a model in the 2015 Meet The Artist Fashion Show in Indianapolis? Come out to this model call. 

Today, Dec 6, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
1060 E 86th St #65 B, Indianapolis, IN 46240

Wale "Follow Me" #MassAppeal

Wale brought a very good vibe to the track,insisting follow me or forget me. I think the essence of hip hop is returning and who better than Wale with his poetic flow, and witty metaphors. Check out "Follow Me"
directed by Jon J X Shaun Ross. This will appear on Nas' Mass Appeal compilation coming soon!

Catch Wale in your the city for the "SIMPLE Mobile Simply Nothing" tour! Tickets below.

Link: http://www.walemusic.com/tour